Thursday, December 9, 2010

200 Confirmed Guests for Live Like a Cat Day 2008!

We’ve reached our first major milestone as we have 200 confirmed guests on the Live Like a Cat Day Facebook Event Page!  Bobo is very excited about this news, but thinks we can do better.  Bobo demands at least 1,000,000 confirmed guests and needs YOU to help in this grassroots effort.  What?  You’re not on Facebook?  Loser.  Well.. if you’re not, no big deal…but it certainly seems to be a good way to spread the word.  Whatever you can do is appreciated (*cough* link to our site *cough*), tell your friends and family, spread the word on your Myspace account, YouTube, your favorite forum…whatever. Remember, if you link to us, we will put a link to you in our sidebar.  Our traffic is growing at a rapid rate, so if you like free traffic, consider exchanging links with us.  Ok, that’s about all for now… time for dinner and a nap.
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