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Frequently Asked Questions

Live Like A Cat Day FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is Live Like a Cat Day?

A: In a nutshell, Live Like a Cat Day is a brand new holiday which grants you the right to do whatever you want all day long. You can sleep, eat, eat & sleep, play, stare out the window, lay in the bathtub, play video games or do whatever you want without answering to anyone. It is YOUR day to endulge in YOURSELF!

Q: When is Live Like a Cat Day?

A: For the first year, Live Like a Cat Day will fall on January 12, 2008. We think it will basically fall on the second Saturday in January every year.

Q: What do I do on Live Like a Cat Day?

A: Anything you want. Sleep all day, play, watch TV, read a book, play video games, whatever. Cat owners know that cats pretty much do as they please 24/7. If you are a cat owner you will know exactly what to do. There are no rules with what you can do but it is suggested that overall you do things that are relaxing, selfish, self indulging and all about YOU and nobody else. For tips and other advice, see the How to Live Like a Cat section.

Q: Why is Live Like a Cat Day on the second Saturday in January?

A: First, we wanted to pick a date in the dead of winter when you are likely to be stuck in your house and not distracted by beautiful weather. We decided the LLACD should fall on a Saturday so Monday-Friday/9-5 workers could enjoy the holiday. If we picked an exact date (such as January 12th) this eventually wouldn’t work as it would eventually fall on a work day and many wouldn’t get to take full advantage of this glorious day.

Q: What if I have to work on Live Like a Cat Day?

A: If you have to work on the day Live Like a Cat Day is on, you are hereby granted a license to pick a day that works best for you to celebrate. Of course, you could try to celebrate at work - but I suppose you could get fired.

Q: I LOVE your idea! How can I help spread the word?

A: Thank you for the kind words! We would LOVE it if you helped spread the word about Live Like a Cat Day. If you have a blog or web site, please visit the Link to Us section for badges and links you can put on your web site or blog. You can also help by emailing your friends and family, posting in your favorite internet forum(s), calling your local paper, radio or TV station, etc. The more people that celebrate the merrier it will be! If you blog or write about Live Like a Cat Day, please contact us and we will post a link to you in our Who’s Talking About Us section.

Q: What are some of the benefits of Live Like a Cat Day?

A: Some of the benefits include increased self esteem, lower stress levels, reduced blood pressure, increased happiness, self awareness, creativity and more!

Q: Who is the cat next to the sombrero?
A: That is Bobo, our cat we adopted in May of 2007. She provided the inspiration for Live Like a Cat Day.

Q: Who are the humans behind Live Like a Cat Day?

A: That would be us… James & Kerri Thomson who currently reside in Kansas, USA.
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