Thursday, December 9, 2010

History Of The Cat

Most cats, except for lions and big gangs of feral cats, prefer to fend for themselves and are loners. That means that it is okay that you never made any friends. It also means that you like to protect your territory. If someone tries to steal one of your snacks or sits in your chair there is no need to ask them to step outside, just smack them.
Cats are capable of great speed over short distances–remember the Cheetah is the fastest animal on Earth. But, many a cat prefers to nap than go for a jog.

The Egyptians were reportedly the first group of people to wrestle cats into domestication, about 2000 years ago. Here kitty, kitty. The Egyptians worshipped their cats and would even shave their eyebrows off as a symbol of their grief after the passing of a family pet. If you shave of your eyebrows we will send you one dollar US!

Cats walk on their toes, since their toes have soft padding which reduces the sound when stalking. Your best bet for quiet stalking is a nice thick pair of kitty slippers.

Cats have retractable claws–except the Cheetah. Use your claws at your own discretion. Remember to retract them when scratching your face, blowing your nose, giving a high five, doing anything in the bathroom, and playing with balloons.

Cats have evolved with a wide variety of fur colors and patterns. For some cats this helps with camouflage. The snow leopard has a white coat–while you might consider wearing your brown sweat pants to blend in with your couch.

During the Middle Ages the cat was associated with witchcraft and evil, and many kitties were roasted alive and burned at the stake. Hey that isn’t very nice ancestors. The dumb humans quickly realized that without cats rodents carrying the bubonic plague were biting all the babies. All the cats were quickly forgiven and given an extra bowl of Friskies.

Traders, explorers, and maybe even pirates, brought the domesticated cat to America as early as the 1600s. The cat quickly took its rightful place on the back of setees, fainting couches, and bean bag chairs throughout the country.
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