Thursday, December 9, 2010

About Live Like A Cat Day

Live Like a Cat Day: The One Day a Year Where You Can Do Absolutely Whatever You Want!
When was the last time you spent the entire day in bed sleeping? Or watching TV? Was it when you were sick and HAD to stay in bed all day? Do you wish you could lounge around all day without being sick and without feeling guilty?
Look no further - Live Like a Cat Day is here to save the day!
Live Like a Cat Day is a brand new holiday inspired by Bobo, our cat (at the top of this site next to the sombrero). Over the summer of 2007, my wife Kerri and I prepared for our wedding, balanced day to day life, work and various stresses. We found it interesting that regardless of the current stress levels, Bobo always found time to relax, sleep and be completely oblivious to whatever was going on the world around her. We envied Bobo.
One day I thought “wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend a day living like a cat?”. Kerri & I discussed it for awhile and thought it would be perfect to turn it into a holiday similar to Talk Like a Pirate Day. And just like that, Live Like a Cat Day was born.
There’s enough stress in the world and your daily life… celebrate Live Like a Cat Day and give yourself a license to do whatever you please!
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